Saturday, September 27, 2008

The terrestrial.

Have you seen tigers in familiar territory?

I saw some tigers play and find companions in a TV documentary today. The name 'Discovery' should be remembered.

The tigers looked even more beautiful than I could imagine. The surroundings were playful too. Shade, summer, stream, strength and succor.

The deer, antelope and sundry other forest dwellers looked happy . Well, happiness is a relative term.

The colours on the dwellers are so amazing. The fawn and the fierce seem almost alike. Well, that's my perspective, anyways.

Science is fascinating. What makes it even more wow is the objects, subjects and territories that it expounds on, explicates and enumerates. The sounds, the habitat and the light play seem almost idyllic. 'The Idylls of an Inhabitant?' Habitation behaviour is also wow to me. Co-habitation, of course, we all know about. Co-existence, on the other hand, is quite mystifying.

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