Sunday, August 31, 2008


"The mind and the imagination conspire to render more lovely and awesome the force of Being, of Existence."

In reacting to the conflicting claims of love, nationalism, art and the spiritual quest, there are those who do not commit us to a narrow and exclusive vision of life. (That was a part of an examination question in my studies to gain insights, intuitions, answers, questions, words, epithets, meaning and the creed of writing.)

The land that we live upon cannot be personified. The people that we share existence with can be awakened to a new dawn. This happens everyday. "The starlit or moonlit dome disdains"...but it also seeks to resolve "the fury and mire of human veins." Is that a sufficiently thorough reading?

Engaging with my immediate surroundings was never questioned. Intensity, however, always is. I live to fulfill the new dawn in my way. We live to offer new beginnings. They solve the mysteries and quagmires but softly, gently with the force renewed by a reawakening.

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