Thursday, August 28, 2008

Typecasting a stylistic, conventional and spatial ethos...

"I am a poet of the Body and I am the poet of the Soul."

" A spectral doubt... makes me cold."

" All the characters are... modern nomads, in search of a spiritual home."

A "deep impersonality" often shakes our foundations. Did we get it wrong all of the time or did we just not pay any heed? "The Fall of Hyperion" was one of the texts in my much avowed literature studies. The name speaks volumes for the tome.

" a mind sustained
By recognitions of transcendent power,
In sense conducting to ideal form,
In soul of more than mortal privilege."

A stream of consciousness is better than "feeding upon infinity." Don't you agree?

(This blog post is going to be an amalgam of readings and textual/contextual/inter textual comments. Stick around.)

As has been noted before, I am really a sucker for fine words and thoughts. Those flights of fancy often attributed to 'brain food' are actually far more rewarding than much of our conversations on persona. I think some of the texts are eternally resounding discussions on the ethos of humanity.

The fundamental motive of much of my own babblings could be expression.

"O, reason not the need!"

"A conclusion is, at best, a negation."

I thought I'd dip into my lil box of iniquities and hidden gems but I think I might just express, for now. The crossroads are infinitely paradoxical. I could not be more enamored. However, I do assert freedom and self-realization. (Even if it is just a few rushes to the tea lounge!)

I see before me a sea of experience and people. Does that mean I have been folded into the wings? I feel before me a "cautious torch" and many embers. Do I light the lamp of fruition?

Please send me some signs. "The Vanity of Human Wishes" was also a part of the syllabi.

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