Saturday, August 30, 2008

"There I beheld the emblem of a mind."

"I would fain
Be what it is my destiny to be."

Sitting by myself and watching the telly has become interesting and fun and even quite rewarding. At first glance, it does seem unmelodious. But I'll tell you a secret if you'll tell me one.

"Men have all these resources, we but one,
To love again, and be again undone."

Need I say more?

"From wrong to wrong the exasperated spirit
Proceeds, unless restored by the refining fire
Where you must move in measure, like a dancer."

When I was young just the other day, I used to find wonder in friendship and joy in simple pleasures. I got to the not-so-simple pleasures eventually. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, has anybody really understood the true meaning and value of friendship? Those darn fair weather ones just have a great time, now, don't they? I exchanged friendship bands in school. I think they got to a point where they just did not like too much color and smiling, happy people.

As an ardent advocate of duality and dualism, I thought I'd got the fundamentals right. And then, I rediscovered art. Do you like the picture at the top of this post? I hope you do.

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