Friday, August 29, 2008

Incarnation of a philosophy...


I think I might just have lost the attitude. Any dramatic flaws and I am surrender!

"Six Characters in Search of an Author." Who would have thought!

Dualism. Again!

That between life that never ceases to move and form that seeks to fix life and hold it. In other words, wow!

See, the thing about a creed - it just never evaporates but comes back, time and again, to realize itself. Us mere tragically-surrounded folks just fill the ink that's left for high tea and such pursuits. ;-) Satirically speaking, those cans of mackerel could have hastened my retreat. My inadequate deliberations and idealistic pragmatism have been reinforced not so much by events but by people. Those that say we are cavernous beings are inconclusively trite. I could be surrender and more!

The consumate scion is also a consumate dissembler. He moves with the shallowness of a swallow but figures in prose, rhyme, verse, act and dramatis personae. Marvelling at the world used be more fun! Now I like the grim realities that turn on their own heads and make for a great rumour. The problem of idolatry is not found in our palms but more so in our attitudes. Where did they lose their divine intervention?

As a relatively detached part of the whole, I just feel like gettin' me some tequila. Those sombreros just couldn't get any better. (But that's just between you and me, eh?)

I used to also be a 'young sprig' often handled delicately but mostly a fawn of features and the featured. I think I'm still one of those that could not deal. Now I'll sing for my supper. I tried mackerel and they took away the darn fishin' rod!

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