Sunday, August 31, 2008


"The mind and the imagination conspire to render more lovely and awesome the force of Being, of Existence."

In reacting to the conflicting claims of love, nationalism, art and the spiritual quest, there are those who do not commit us to a narrow and exclusive vision of life. (That was a part of an examination question in my studies to gain insights, intuitions, answers, questions, words, epithets, meaning and the creed of writing.)

The land that we live upon cannot be personified. The people that we share existence with can be awakened to a new dawn. This happens everyday. "The starlit or moonlit dome disdains"...but it also seeks to resolve "the fury and mire of human veins." Is that a sufficiently thorough reading?

Engaging with my immediate surroundings was never questioned. Intensity, however, always is. I live to fulfill the new dawn in my way. We live to offer new beginnings. They solve the mysteries and quagmires but softly, gently with the force renewed by a reawakening.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"There I beheld the emblem of a mind."

"I would fain
Be what it is my destiny to be."

Sitting by myself and watching the telly has become interesting and fun and even quite rewarding. At first glance, it does seem unmelodious. But I'll tell you a secret if you'll tell me one.

"Men have all these resources, we but one,
To love again, and be again undone."

Need I say more?

"From wrong to wrong the exasperated spirit
Proceeds, unless restored by the refining fire
Where you must move in measure, like a dancer."

When I was young just the other day, I used to find wonder in friendship and joy in simple pleasures. I got to the not-so-simple pleasures eventually. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, has anybody really understood the true meaning and value of friendship? Those darn fair weather ones just have a great time, now, don't they? I exchanged friendship bands in school. I think they got to a point where they just did not like too much color and smiling, happy people.

As an ardent advocate of duality and dualism, I thought I'd got the fundamentals right. And then, I rediscovered art. Do you like the picture at the top of this post? I hope you do.

"She was alone and still..."

"She was alone and still, gazing out to sea..."

A definitive statement on the presence of a person and the relativity of solitude.

The subject is topical and treated with some degree of solemnity. Why would it be otherwise? Yes! There is life on earth. Simple!

As an often mistaken creation of natural forces, I ask for your time. I once asked this chap the time and he looked like I needed to see the Big Ben. We also have a dear, dear version of that here in our city. And yes, I did finally make it to the Big Ben. Those double deckers got me too! All the treasures of the land and I just ran around in circles. Sweet!

"Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows
Like harmony in music; there is a dark
Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles
Discordant elements, makes them cling together..."

Unambiguously undeterred!

(That used to be me too but then I got a a few signs!)

Those 'casual flocks' of spring and summer went by. Winter brought the warm glows of sunshine on the roofs. (Fall just wrote to me saying that I'd be ok. ;-))

Does anybody ever wonder at the marvels of human imagination anymore?

Friday, August 29, 2008

A quest...

In a moment of anguish, I was promised life. Living well never made more sense to me than now. My rushes to the tea lounge make me happy but the art of cooking is also right up there, for me.

In my spirited bid for freedom from chaos and imposition, I lost my routine. How 'bout that?

"When lo! a Harlot form soft sliding by,
With mincing step, small voice and languid eye:"

Heroism has lost so many of its originals. The heroic stance of the fallen sometimes seems unreal but it's out there too. Driven by our needs and wants as we are, we often fail to see a design. I sure know that feeling. I mean, where's the crushed ice?

The unattainable used to be the preconceived version of perfection. And then, I found solitude.

"The word final, superior to all,
Subtle, sent up - what is it? - I listen;"

Do we reject the contemporaneous for myths or myth-making? Please send me your thoughts if you'd like to share them with me. This is, indeed, also the 'digital age' in some ways.

Incarnation of a philosophy...


I think I might just have lost the attitude. Any dramatic flaws and I am surrender!

"Six Characters in Search of an Author." Who would have thought!

Dualism. Again!

That between life that never ceases to move and form that seeks to fix life and hold it. In other words, wow!

See, the thing about a creed - it just never evaporates but comes back, time and again, to realize itself. Us mere tragically-surrounded folks just fill the ink that's left for high tea and such pursuits. ;-) Satirically speaking, those cans of mackerel could have hastened my retreat. My inadequate deliberations and idealistic pragmatism have been reinforced not so much by events but by people. Those that say we are cavernous beings are inconclusively trite. I could be surrender and more!

The consumate scion is also a consumate dissembler. He moves with the shallowness of a swallow but figures in prose, rhyme, verse, act and dramatis personae. Marvelling at the world used be more fun! Now I like the grim realities that turn on their own heads and make for a great rumour. The problem of idolatry is not found in our palms but more so in our attitudes. Where did they lose their divine intervention?

As a relatively detached part of the whole, I just feel like gettin' me some tequila. Those sombreros just couldn't get any better. (But that's just between you and me, eh?)

I used to also be a 'young sprig' often handled delicately but mostly a fawn of features and the featured. I think I'm still one of those that could not deal. Now I'll sing for my supper. I tried mackerel and they took away the darn fishin' rod!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Typecasting a stylistic, conventional and spatial ethos...

"I am a poet of the Body and I am the poet of the Soul."

" A spectral doubt... makes me cold."

" All the characters are... modern nomads, in search of a spiritual home."

A "deep impersonality" often shakes our foundations. Did we get it wrong all of the time or did we just not pay any heed? "The Fall of Hyperion" was one of the texts in my much avowed literature studies. The name speaks volumes for the tome.

" a mind sustained
By recognitions of transcendent power,
In sense conducting to ideal form,
In soul of more than mortal privilege."

A stream of consciousness is better than "feeding upon infinity." Don't you agree?

(This blog post is going to be an amalgam of readings and textual/contextual/inter textual comments. Stick around.)

As has been noted before, I am really a sucker for fine words and thoughts. Those flights of fancy often attributed to 'brain food' are actually far more rewarding than much of our conversations on persona. I think some of the texts are eternally resounding discussions on the ethos of humanity.

The fundamental motive of much of my own babblings could be expression.

"O, reason not the need!"

"A conclusion is, at best, a negation."

I thought I'd dip into my lil box of iniquities and hidden gems but I think I might just express, for now. The crossroads are infinitely paradoxical. I could not be more enamored. However, I do assert freedom and self-realization. (Even if it is just a few rushes to the tea lounge!)

I see before me a sea of experience and people. Does that mean I have been folded into the wings? I feel before me a "cautious torch" and many embers. Do I light the lamp of fruition?

Please send me some signs. "The Vanity of Human Wishes" was also a part of the syllabi.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I echo the silence
who does not sound
there in the glades
that always sing.

Monday, August 18, 2008

a shade of the soul.

a resolve

the poet stole the words
the thief of verse
shy in a word
scoffing the bird
resolve the journey
keep the song
smile for the soulful
art is the play
will the words stay?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

those love-in-the-mists...

those love-in-the-mists
flowers of colour
things wild and wanton
scattering petals on the footprints
softness ethereal and renewed
my respite from the evening.

a prism.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008


"- through metaphor to reconcile
the people and the stones.
Compose. (No ideas
but in things) Invent!"

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