Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If I feared tomorrow, the day would save me. Have you wondered why I relieve the past? Can we resolve the future and find our day?

As I tread those steps, wary of the boulders that are heavy - can the day rejuvenate me? I am safe in my assumptions. I revel in my inclinations. How will the day reawaken me?

The night falls silently. Evening has brought the incarnate. Shades from the day beckon me. Sparkles from the sky question and surround. As the night wanes, the wooden floors vow to keep. Unkempt rays finally shine on the stories.

Morning glory crawls into my windows. The lace is heavy with sighs.

After I arise, the day is full.

With the hues that heave, the morning arises with me. Can the brightness guide me? Will the lightness be true?

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