Monday, July 21, 2008

Sealed with a twist.

If you wanted the verse, I would drive across the hills...with colours that would store a hundred skies.

It's a rendition of a song that my friends and I sang with such joy, you would not believe. We were granted muses even then, really! Those rainy days and us singing songs that never left our hearts. And the best part, they made us sing! I sang one about the ups and downs in life. Do you ever wonder why I seem so bent on fixin' and afixin'?

They also made an apple pie bed for me. Now, that you will have to figure out on your own.

There are days when I try to live independently. I wrote to a friend once about a myth that caught my imagination. As a student, I tried so hard not to spout fancy learnings. Now, I wish I'd made up a myth of my own.

In the dark coal mine of our forebears, there must have been the fire of warmth. Reading D.H. Lawrence, even passingly, gave me a jolt. I thought to myself - that's heavy stuff. But, at the heart of it, I think it was a call to life. As the experiences are passed down to generations, interpretation keeps us all safe sometimes. (Maybe I read too much into everything.) This morning I thought, hell, I don't even have a real job! And then, I tried some gradient work. Having been lucky enough to be a real part of the work force, I do often question the validity of a more self-sufficient life. Do I grow corn or maize, then?

I went shopping for fruit and came back with rolls and chutney!

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