Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A choral note.

"This race and this country and this life produced me... I shall express myself as I am."

This was a key to understanding Stephen Daedelus in Joyce's book which has been celebrated by many.

A question was posed to me a few years back. Do people perfect themselves as artists at the expense of human relationships? That's quite a twister!

When the artist paints without thought of perfection and pretension, the works almost embody depth and meaning. Today, I walked in on an art exhibition that most would see as peering, absorbing, translating.

One of the frequently explored subjects is a house - a traditional Nepali house that seems to have given birth to so many more. Or at least, it seems to have inspired many more. The images, the patterns and the rhythm are almost unequivocally attuned to life here - absorbing the shapes and colours and seasons; peering into the lives and moments; and, finally, translating these into a canvas of hazy precision.

A word that might evoke the original idea is the word 'kibbutz'. Strangely metamorphosing into a traditional Nepali setting and bringing with this combination a unique sense of peace, serenity and community. The artist seems to have worked his way from the bottom of the canvas upwards. And this leaves a feeling of etherealness - the experience of transcending barriers and dimensions.

The exhibition is on at the Art Shop. I'd like to meet the artist and chat a little about his vision but then, we're just the sketchy audience.

"The friendly and flowing savage, who is he?
Is he waiting for civilization or past it and mastering it?"

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