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Asare mahina!

As a riposte to a prevalent motif of getting all 'culture vulture' on everybody, I thought I'd spoil the fun a little and remind my friends about a very pervasive element in 'world thought'. Our civilizational values are so evident and sometimes so utterly metaphorical.

When we jump into life and find great ways to be, we often come across that moment when we realize that this is, indeed, innate or inherent or even just simply intrinsic.

I learn so much about the world on a daily basis but when evening arrives, my thoughts are assembled for disrepair. I gather my stresses and strains and work on them a little. No mystery there, folks. However, as I mull over so many things that I need to say and do and be and think about, I just find that I do need some value assessments and worthiness. I heard the term 'credit worthiness' and I got scared!

So, what I'm digressing into is that I love the burden of it all. You get my point?

There are certain gleeful moments, to be sure, but I think I'll just wait for a while and cook, maybe.

Out of the window...

Out of the window,
I saw how the planets gathered
Like the leaves themselves
Turning in the wind.

(Wallace Stevens)




Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chains of colour.

Where the streets have a lane...

If I were to describe a moment today, I would probably have used the word utopia. Our common understanding of the term and its meanings derive from the idea of a perfect world. We all know about that, of course. However, today it expressed something that I usually do not have the time for. A simple moment transformed by the photographer's eye. Almost idyllic!

I came across the term and genre 'street photography' quite unexpectedly. And today, I saw street photography that really, really captures the quintessence of it. There's a woman with lamps. There's a festival and people. There's people and their crafts. There's crafts and life. There's trade and bounty too.

A moment that stands still even to be photographed kind of takes me to another time. But these moments make up what we generally refer to as living life and living life in a real, personal, community way.

Please visit the Nepal Art Council Photography exhibition - you'll understand and experience what I'm writing about.

Monday, June 23, 2008

An artist and a name.

Yesterday was another of those serendipitous days in my otherwise routine life. I chanced upon an artists' exhibition that took me by surprise. Awe, I would have liked to say but that's old hat these days.

A small gallery by the address is like finding a rose with a beautiful name. I walked in and looked around. I said to myself - a time for us and a time for art. Creative expressions make for great art and art makes for one of the best forms of expression that we have evolved into as a people.

The exhibition was full of colour and the leitmotif seemed to be the artist himself and his loves. Passions, I could have said but that's for another day and another time.

What stood out first was the shapes and forms and textures. It was like one of those visual extravaganzas that only a few can pull off. This was it! I was also struck by the 'cultural' overtones of the works. Our places, people and ways really do define our lives and our senses and affections. But, on the other hand, experiencing those of our chosen 'abodes' somehow enhance our breadth of vision and creativity.

And then, the merchandise. Yes!

The gallery is called the Park Gallery and you'll have to ask around for directions. (Thank you for a great flight.)


Sanguri bari...

a bien tot...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

True lives...

A true life.

An affirmation.

An affirmation.

Solomon's house.

Solomon's house.

An absence of tension.

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice."

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Do we really know ourselves enough to be completely sure about life? I go out every now and then and find interesting details that I like to put out there. And then, I work on some good art and feel thrilled.

While studying Homer's Odyssey for class, I thought that I'd be struck dead from above for not reading the whole book. I could have been. But, I found the critical perspectives just as exciting. Imagine a journey that tests your fortitude and presents challenges and restive experiences. The great saw in their lives something worth a lot more than mere events and people. There were, I think, some very strong messages and lessons that threaded it all together. The people also were not just emblems and figures of consequence. They were to be remembered even to this day.

Perhaps, there is some omniscient force or person that is weaving together our lives as if it were a tapestry. And the finished product just makes everybody wish there were so many more. Or an even more fanciful idea would be that there is a kind of binding together that keeps it all in place and not just by a force or person but, say, chance and circumstance.

My literary imagination is full of authors and protagonists and forms and whatnot. I seldom write about the stories themselves. A long-remembered book named Everyman does do us all justice though.

A touch of paint.

A touch of paint...



Carpe diem.

Carpe Diem.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A point in time.

The free-spirited dimension in most of us tells us to experience without hesitation. It allows us to find the inner self and the inner 'glow'. In finding the free-thinking nature of my 'intellectual life', I have come head on with many structured matters and moments.

If I chose to call a rose, a rose - would that change your perception of the rose?

So, anyways, the point being that I'm looking forward to a free-flowing chautari of fun, laughter and work stuff. The boundaries are there to prescribe and protect. Not just the medium or the message, but also the person from which they emanate.

I love the thought of really engaging with people I like and admire. They make me feel like all may not be lost, after all. Positive engagement is even better. True bonds , of course, are the best.

A value.

Invoking the Gods for the rains is a matter of conjecture these days. I thought that was one of the primary 'uses'. Gratifications, we all kind of fall into.

So, I'm thinking - where do I go from here. I have some good stash - the artistic kind. And, we all like the wholesomeness of it all, right?

I love the avant garde nature of some creative expressions. It speaks volumes for why there are stereotypes and why they are, sometimes, not a good thing for self-possession and self-expression. Fusion, on the other hand, makes me feel like we were really meant to enjoy each other's ways and lives in a good way too. I was called a hybrid once. That was not a very enjoyable moment. But now, I feel - why not! When we tweak with nature, that's ok for me. Messing with it, wholesale, however does not sit well with most. If there was to be a raging inferno of a world, it would have happened earlier. What do you think?

I like truth and I like reconciliation. Somehow, together they sound a bit pretentious. I like a little genuine advocacy too.

So, if you know where to restart, let me know.



a token.

a token.

Summer wine.

It's a hot summer's day today. The rains have done us a favour yet again. As I walked along the street, I thought this could be one of my rediscoveries too. The summer's day angled with the fresh green grass. The moistness in the soil just makes me feel good. There will be a good harvest and great fields, fountains and lushness.

The return to nature, for me, is somewhat carefully paralleled by a concomitant need for good amenities, structure and space. Living in a city is one of the ways in which we find our spatial identity. Temporal identities, however, I'm not very sure about.

Wide open spaces, the freshly fallen rain on the grass, a splash of flowers, the new tar on the road and my cans of mackerel! Life, sometimes, can really be a gift.

I was actually headed for a music festival uptown.

As I dodged people and cars, I began to think that I could be moving towards a sense of equanimity which had evaded me for a while. (I can really pack in a punch.) But, today, it was a slightly measured and quiet way to spend the late morning. I love the hustle and bustle. but I love quietude just as much.

I will go for the music festival again tomorrow, I think.

A dream.

a dream.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A feeling.

a feeling...

A detail.

A detail.

Ainselu kada...

Ainselu kada...
Priye ko jali maya!

"Let's go chasin' rainbows in the sky..."

"Let's go chasin' rainbows in the sky..."

A digression.

a digression.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


the colour, red


Space and time have really become an obsession with most. I often think that we should pay more heed to our 'inner selves'.

Deep in the core of the earth lies a single element. We chose to neglect it as our convenience, sometimes. My space and time are precious but I like solitude when I need it.

The mysteries of the universe are so inexplicable to me. Why do we indeed chose to be rather than just merge with the forces. Literature and art are taken to new heights with imagery. I do need that assurance too. Crazy as I am about life, there are times when it seems to slip away. I mean, life as we were meant to know it.

Our souls need air too. It's like coming out of the water and gulping in a fresh breath and seeing land approach. Do you know what I mean?

The lighthouse analogy and symbolism is so accurate. But I feel we need something that is 'earthen' and points inwards into the land. Telling us, perhaps, that it ought to be a two way call. How do we finally find that message in the bottle? I'm still waiting for my turn to capture the horizon (and maybe just with a camera for now!).

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Just a rare necessity...

A rare necessity!

An impression.

An impression made can sometimes be falsely attributed to a round of truth or dare. We live in fluid times. We try and get by. Sometimes, we just live the moment.

Playing a game of solitaire is so calming.

The urbane amongst us could really let us in on the great mysteries of life. I mean, where is a good place to look and find?

So, I'm looking forward to 'mingling' more urbanely. Having spent a good portion of my life in 'urbanity', I do like the occasional trip to nature but then who doesn't?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A calm.



A moment of calm.

The glowing embers in our lives and labours really do make me feel happy. Only we just don't see eye to eye on a host of things. Like, do we write or do we not?

I feel very blessed these days. (Yes. that is known to happen once in a while!) The trials and tribulations kind of made me tougher or at least more assertive about my rights and responsibilities. I did tell a person once that I have only two eyes and two hands. Don't we all! (Silly me!)

The warm glow of a fire seems like a blessing too, sometimes. Playing with fire, however, we really should discourage. Most of us have weak hearts, I am told.

The warm afterglow of the sun in the evening has often been captured in verse and art. The real thing is, also, quite an experience. I wax poetic about the marvels around me because I almost forgot about them and their true value for me. (That is also known to happen. For a while I thought all the nature debates has become quite urgent and over the edge. There is a need for urgency but really, those in peril know why!)

So the Platonic year...

So the Platonic year
Whirls out new right and wrong,
Whirls in the old instead;
All men are dancers and their tread
Goes to the barbarous clangor of a gong.
- Yeats; The Tower

How often have you made a wish? (or three?)

The whirls of the breeze often resemble the harbinger. The town crier, on the other hand, just makes me wish I was out of hearing distance.With change comes renewal and reaffirmations, surely?

We all try and make sense of our surroundings, sometimes. Yet there are times when the whole world seems to open up as if by magic. Do you know that feeling?

Reason and will order us to make good judgements. Choice brings in the goods. But sentiment often wraps us all in a bundle.

I really could have danced all night, y'know!

So, what are we yielding to, as if new?


"Out here in the perimeter, there are no stars..."

Moving between various forms of music is like discovering an art form all but lost in time. Learning the notes and scales was like a sneak peek into the fascinating world of real music. Since then, I have found other interests. But rediscovering music, albeit a little late, is like unearthing a lost world.

The need to find harmony in one's world can be likened to a musical score that becomes itself through all the essential elements. There used to be a band called Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD). Wonder what happened to them!

I heard once that music can make you lose control. But, heck, why not!

A prelude!

Shape of things to come?

How time flies!

Waiting for Godot was a revelation to me. The inchoate babblings of two travelers who were just waiting. Interspersed within were some life changing insights about the nature of the human condition.

Did I tell you who Godot was? For me?

Anyways, life does really hold some promise. The thought of finally finding Godot never really occurred to me. Just one of those things. And then, the penny dropped. You get the gist? In a quiet surrounding, my life takes on added meaning through the people who give it shape, form and substance. In an equally serene corner of my mind, I find true perception and friendship.

With so many encounters, trysts, conversations, and people still stashed away and, I hope, eager to share their time and tales, I could just wait a bit more. The perfect moment. (The clowns in the play did not have any impact except on the protagonists!)

So, has anybody met Godot yet?

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am quite perturbed by the lack of comments and compliments on my blog. Us writers and the like do really need that wow, sometimes.

Having worked and studied around issues and themes all my life, starting with kinder garden, I am still a wide-eyed wonderer. I love that I can express myself without reservations. But I do need to feel safe and that the next email will NOT be a summons to the courts. We live in a world of careless and careful articulations. I'm a middle-ground person myself.

We have, at our fingertips, the means to really talk about important matters or even just personal stuff that irk or intrigue us. I am, it has been said, relatively mature now in my own space and time. How about you?

I also love that people enjoy the stuff I dish out. (Do you really?)

We could all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. That works too. But, maybe, exchanging and articulating some of that latent potential could work just as well. In summary, tell me if you like the stuff on the blog and share some of your work too. Please.



The Third Eye

The Third Eye

Hail to thee, blithe spirit...

a bird.

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My fool's paradise!

Bless us, O Lord and these thy gifts...

Coming into my own, step by painful step has been remarkable. I do really still have miles to go. But, I cannot surge ahead or forge my own path without the gifts. I have yet to find a worthy enough gift as a reciprocal gesture and peace offering. I am hopeful though.





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