Saturday, May 24, 2008

Severed gardens

There is not a single day that I do not tend to my pursuit of knowledge. I am innately a router as opposed to a server. That term is very significant and singular.

For those of us who came to the Internet a little late - have no fear! We are all here. In this craze of kbps and the darn dial-up, I am also thankful that the place where I live is sufficiently geared. Directions change. Paths merge. Crossroads are watched over by the Wizard of Oz. Or at least that's how it was a while back. Gardens, however, remain and sometimes become the missing link. I used to think HTML was my saviour and then, I tried the CMS. You do not want to broach that subject, EVER!

So I came across a form of therapy that just blew my mind. Really. I thought I'd reached heaven. Really.

But, they found me there. And did I spout fire! Gradually as the days passed by, I found little comfort in angry words. I mean, there's only so many for all of us to use. It wasn't necessarily a change of approach. Just making my peace with the world and all its denizens. Imagine!

I thought about becoming a singer once. My friend and I wanted to dress up and perform. That did not work out. In fact, I thought cigarettes just made me more croaky. They did. And then, the honey thing took over. Yes, we should all sing. Singing in the shower is reserved for the showering kind.

As I turn on the TV, I await those nice songs with baited breath and anticipation. They are fine songs. The voices are even better. I sit and think to myself - must be something there! Have you ever wondered where singing originated? Wow!

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