Monday, May 26, 2008

A moment in time.

Un moment.


A moment of advancement. Collaborative advancement.

The Artesian well was a part of our curriculum at school. I learnt so much there, you would not believe! They kept telling us that life would teach us more. How to live. How to be.

Somehow the lessons keep coming back to me. Maybe, I'm just a sucker for words.

In our day to day experiences which are shaped and maneuvered by a myriad elements, I find myself reverting to those lessons again. I am not sure what we take away from the life lessons. You know, the real world stuff. Did Artesian wells suddenly become defunct? Do you know?

I had this picture in my mind of myself as a successful person back then. What that entailed and still entails is something of a mystery, even to me. I think that goes for a lot of us. Losing a friend, job, dog, friend, article, friend......

So when I 'reassess' my life, I find meaning sometimes and fulfillment other times. Yes, they were right. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. On the other end of the gamut, rising to many challenges and 'occasions' just becomes a part of the trade. You know?

I am not necessarily a pat on the back every day kind of person. But we do need friends. With that, I'll add this - bonds, commitment, consideration, human frailties, foibles, TLC.

Taking one's life a step forward never felt this good. I will reiterate that. We need to move ahead. At least, I do. Does that go for you as well? I hope so.

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