Friday, May 30, 2008


Day Six

The car slivers down the tar road slowly but carefully - careful not to hurt and be hurt in return. It is a day of rest. The city rests peacefully and the road is half empty. Sounds of blaring horns and screeching gold coins do not reach my ear. I hear the twitter of a chirping bird and the giggle of a girl child touches me softly. Fish in a pond – the water is green with slime. I am waiting for my manna just like the fish.

There is talk of the city that is driven by show. Pretensions will always hurt just as the gold coin has been hurt time and again. The thick smog of grandiosity smells like fuel. It emanates from the mind of the shallow just as fuel is gorged up from the earth. Fuel – that black slime that keeps me yearning for more.

The great man of God breathes his last in a faraway city. Crowds throng to bid him farewell. His earthly remains are paraded just like his legacy. He was a man of faith but is faith enough? I cling to my dreams of a better tomorrow. Tomorrow – when I will be full of fuel. Fuel – that manna that brings disease but makes me feel complete.

The radio blares more news – adjustments in the stock market will create panic. There is trading and trials but who is the winner? The city that rests peacefully today will violently awake tomorrow. Cars will jam in the roads that bear the burden of their wheels. The gold coin has trampled, torn and maimed but the drivers remain smiling. The fish get restless with the fog of fuel and I will feel complete.

There is news of a city nearby that has been wiped clean of the fog of fuel. Clean and clear, the air is hot but the heat is of nature. I am waiting for more news that will spell doom for the city but not for me. I will be full with fuel – that manna that is unnatural for the city but not for me.

The gold coin is the show and the go – it slithers like a snake but it tramples like a foot. Fuel – that glorious manna that keeps my stomach gnarled and begging for more. The TV show brings knowledge to the fore – knowledge that has been passed from the ages just like fuel – that manna that is spewed up from the earth just as knowledge has been regurgitated for the young.

Insight will shine just like the gold coin but it will not trample but bring justice for all. Progress is a double-edged sword for it brings more fuel yet will bring light to the dark city and wisdom for you and me. Fuel and wisdom – will they keep me hungry for more?

I am full of fuel today but when will rest come for the city and me? Rest is easy for the driver but not for the trampled.

The driver is smiling for all to see for his gold coin is his toy and my full belly will ache again tomorrow. I am smiling too for I see that the gold coin will drive again tomorrow. Fuel and wisdom – they should make the city thrive not thick with soot. Wisdom is shining in the distance just as it is brought to light on TV and fuel will keep the roads dark again.

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