Friday, May 30, 2008


Un cadeau!

The chimney sweep used to make me think of a 'wholesome' life. it is funny how we interpret words for ourselves and others. After I reached some levels of maturity, I began to reassess the idea of being whole. No pun intended!

I have been fortunate to have quite a few opportunities thrown my way - work, travel, study, vocational stuff, even art. As I try and figure out the next best steps forward, I am starry-eyed sometimes and, also, quite dazed. Surely not? You would not believe me even if I gave you the facts and figures. I am in a stupor of confusion and delight. I cannot, however, make up my mind given present conditions. My mind has, usually, not been taken into consideration on many, many decisions and events that effect my life. In fact, neither have I - the whole that I am and the cog that I am a part of.

The wheel analogy is very symbolically important in our culture(s). Continuity, forwardness, clock-wise and bearing the heavy burdens of labour, love and other stuff.

As a child of a community that thrived with people and, perhaps, for people, I am still a thinking person that values community, people, thinking - essentially. No jokes on the Neanderthals this time. I'm serious!

So, for those of you who are reading this blog and/or give a rat's ass - where am I at as a thinker?

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