Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A heart of lightness!

Joseph Conrad wrote the very acclaimed book - The Heart of Darkness. He was a wise man.

I was so 'into' my study of literature that I forgot about the more humdrum realities that we face everyday. I fell madly in love with TS Eliot and almost became his promoter. The Hollow Men should have been followed with a sequel - wizened women.

So all that men are from here and women are from there stuff makes me think. Yes!

Within the confines of our own sensibilities or lack thereof, there is one crucial factor that makes me want to smile. People. My life as a blogger is interspersed with almost surreal musings. They remain the mainstay of my intellectual life apart from other lesser evils.

I soaked up literature with gusto. Now I feel the need to smile. Again and again. The lord is my shepherd. I never fully knew where my literary studies would take me. There wasn't quite the whiz surroundings for gainful employment back then. And then, I got hooked to the germ of my present pursuits. They don't pay me well. They never did.

Life as a person of sensitivity makes me angry sometimes. And also very, very smug and cruel. Are you with me here? There used to be a time when I chose to follow the road that seemed well-traveled. You know, peer pressure and all. There were other considerations too. Now I like Conrad even more.

In our relations with ilk and others, there is a mountain of revelations. Believe me, I should know. But none that really shook me that much. We were all fed with stuff. Then, suddenly I woke up and said to myself - you have got to be kiddin' me!

"I grow old, I grow old. I wear the bottom of my trousers rolled."

The interplay of light and dark is very fascinating to me. We have dwelt on it for years and years. But eventide kinda makes it all ok. What do you think?

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