Sunday, May 25, 2008


Till we meet again.

There is something about meeting people for the first time that makes us all wary of why we need to do that. I mean, the Digital Age was supposed to make us all happy! I found great friends all over the place but the whole communication milieu became charged with numbers. We were taught to mouth or articulate our words right to the last letter. Bump!

Seeking a mode of connecting and merging with one's own and with one's chosen companions has become very 'send/receive'. I like that. But, the oral cultures of the world somehow never just fade away. Had you noticed? Keeping in touch has been made easy to the point of being faultlessly simple. Yet, I find some sort of 'disconnect'. It's like I just feel pulled into an inbox of spam.

The Coffee House of yesteryears seem so eclectic and, maybe, a world of sensibility and conversation that we have yet to rediscover. I sat in a cafe over the winter this time - just writing, reading and watching the world go by. I would have liked to chat too!

I forgot the way we used to talk about people because I was caught up. Now I forget to save a draft, sometimes.

I used to love getting pictures from my friends. They sent a great many and I exchanged quite a few. Now we seem so stupefied by 'object and portrait photography', I'm not sure if interpretation serves them well. Did she go to the beach or just become one?

So, bottomline. I'm willing to put up with spam if you are.

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