Friday, May 23, 2008

Good morning!

Morning hath broken.

Waking up in the morning feels like it's a part of our daily rituals now. Nothing to it, folks. If you need alarm clocks, we get them here. Cheap!

Saying good morning was a part of what you might call a life skill that was transferred to me. It feels good to say it now. I say it with a passion that you might find a trifle surprising. It's like saying - wow!

So we used to wax poetic about the morning sunrise that hits the hills and the mountains. I live in a mountainous region. There was this hill somewhere that was called Tiger Hill, if I'm not mistaken. Who names them and why?

I have actually never seen the morning sunrise quite as they describe it. But it seems like a wow! experience. I do enjoy the morning papers. It's like I have something new to experience everyday - vicariously! Tea, you all like, right?

I did see the sunset a couple of times. Wow! Sometimes where I live, the clouds turn a seering rust with the sun playing tricks on my eyes. Yes, every cloud does have a silver lining. I should know!

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