Friday, May 23, 2008

A cake walk.

It's a very pretentious beginning but I'll key you into a secret - we're not getting any younger! (I have heard that term so many times I think it was just one of those things that someone thought of to make sure that everybody else felt old.)

What is the average age of a dolphin. Anybody? We do not even want to get into lifespan. Then we have density, census - et al. Geography used to be great. We were told that our geography teacher was an Afghani princess. She was also one of my favourite teachers in school. She laughed at my 'vernacular' elocution piece and I thought she had a gift. I have met many gifted people since but they get one thing wrong. Life can also be a gift. They behave like there's this two-pronged approach that basically says: OR ELSE!

So back to my jibes at the good folks out there. Where's my gift?

I like enjoying the bounty of nature. We all do. Some of us just do not realize that nature is not a force of anything. It's nature. Put in another way, it's there. There are millions of words that explain why it's there. Why wouldn't there be? But it's there. Sometimes you've got to take it as it comes. The wonder of it all is that we are allowed to enjoy it and sometimes we see that it's not abused and overexploited. I love reading about conservation but it is not my forte! I learnt some great concepts and knowledge. (;-))

Our dog does not like thunderstorms. After I read Wuthering Heights, I wanted to be a storm. We'll see how that works out. I'll keep you posted.

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